Get Ready for the 2023 NFL Draft! Don’t miss a minute of the action

2023 NFL Draft


The 2023 NFL Draft and provides information about the start time, channel, and streaming options. The draft will take place on April 27, 2023, and will be broadcasted live on ESPN, NFL Network, and ABC. Also highlights the draft order, with the Eagles having the 13th overall pick.

The NFL Draft is a highly anticipated event for football fans, as it is an opportunity for teams to add new talent to their rosters. This year’s draft is no exception, with many talented players expected to be selected in the first round. A helpful guide for fans who want to tune in and follow the action as it unfolds.

The Eagles’ pick in the first round is of particular interest to Philadelphia fans, as it will be a crucial opportunity for the team to improve their roster. The team has several positions of need, including linebacker, offensive line, and wide receiver. It remains to be seen which player the Eagles will select, but fans can expect a lot of speculation and discussion leading up to the draft.

Overall, a helpful overview of the 2023 NFL Draft, including important details about the start time, channels, and streaming options. With the draft just a few days away, fans of the sport will surely be eagerly anticipating the excitement and drama that will unfold as teams make their selections.

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