Discover the Best Zong Whatsapp Package Weekly, Monthly & Daily In 2023

zong whatsapp package weekly


The WhatsApp application is widely used for making free audio and video calls, and Zong offers various WhatsApp packages for daily, weekly, and monthly usage at affordable rates. These packages come with additional resources and are exclusively available for prepaid Zong users.

Zong users can use WhatsApp to stay connected with their loved ones by sharing photos and making audio and video calls using Zong’s 4G network. Those who frequently use WhatsApp for communication can benefit from the specially designed Zong WhatsApp bundles.

Zong offers a range of internet packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers, but prepaid users enjoy more low-priced packages. Some internet packages also include free MBs for WhatsApp usage. You can easily find the subscription codes and charges for these packages.

To sum up, the details of all zong whatsapp package weekly, daily, and monthly are available here.

Zong Daily Whatsapp Package

For daily social media users, the Zong social package is the ideal choice. It offers a basic package with free MBs for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. If you frequently use social media, this package is perfect for you.

In addition to providing free WhatsApp MBs, the Zong social package also includes free Facebook and Twitter MBs. To subscribe, check the subscription code and price of the Zong Daily WhatsApp Package below.

Name Price Code Sources
Daily Social Pack Rs. 10 *6464*3*4# 100 MB Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter

Zong Weekly Whatsapp Package

Zong provides its customers with some convenient and efficient WhatsApp packages in this particular package. For users who prefer not to activate offers repeatedly, subscribing to this package allows them to stay connected with their loved ones through chatting.

Typically, Zong does not offer any weekly package except for this one, which also includes a weekly SMS package. To subscribe and learn about the price and subscription code for the Zong weekly WhatsApp package, see below.

Name Price Code Sources
SMS And Whatsapp Bundle Rs. 17 *702# 200 MB Whatsapp + 1500 SMS

Zong Monthly Whatsapp Package

The most popular Zong monthly WhatsApp offer is now available, providing 4000 MBs of data exclusively for WhatsApp usage. This affordable WhatsApp package is ideal for WhatsApp users, allowing them to make unlimited audio and video calls throughout the month. See below for further details on the Zong monthly WhatsApp package.

Name Price Code Sources
Monthly Whatsapp Package Rs. 38 *247# 4GB Whatsapp
SMS And Whatsapp Bundle Rs. 50 +Tax *310*1*5*3# 30 MB Whatsapp + 500 SMS Daily

Zong is a Chinese company with a significant number of users in Pakistan. Through joint solutions, prominent brands, and a wide range of digital value-added services, Zong maintains a leading position in the market.

Term and Conditions

  • If you do not have an internet package, a charge of Re. 5/MB will be applied. Checking the remaining internet MB and validity incurs a fee of Rs. 0.06.
  • The actual internet speed may vary based on several factors, such as device specifications, web pages visited, time of day, number of users, distance from 2G/3G/4G towers, and more.
  • To report unwanted calls and SMS, send the sender’s number (SPACE) to 9000 – PTA.

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