Apple’s iPhone Exports from India Doubled in 2020, Boosting the Country’s Manufacturing Sector 2023

Apple's iPhone Exports from India Doubled in 2020

Credit: Bloomberg

According to a recent report, Apple’s iPhone exports from India have doubled in 2020, which has given a boost to the country’s manufacturing sector. The report states that Apple exported iPhones worth $1.5 billion from India in 2020, up from $715 million in 2019.

This significant increase in exports has been attributed to Apple’s decision to shift some of its manufacturing operations to India. The country has been pushing for more companies to invest in its manufacturing sector, and the growth of Apple’s exports has been seen as a positive sign.


The report suggests that India’s efforts to attract foreign investment in its manufacturing sector are starting to pay off, with more companies looking to set up operations in the country. The Indian government has been offering various incentives to companies that invest in manufacturing, including tax breaks and subsidies.

The growth of Apple’s exports is also seen as a sign that the country’s tech industry is starting to gain traction. India has been trying to establish itself as a hub for tech manufacturing, and the growth of Apple’s exports is seen as a validation of this strategy. Beneficiaries

Overall, the report suggests that Apple’s success in India could be a positive sign for the country’s manufacturing sector and its overall economic growth. As more companies look to invest in India’s manufacturing industry, the country could see further growth in the years to come.

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