Why Should Industrial Wastewater be Treated? A Guide to Industrial Water Treatment Systems

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Why Should Industrial Wastewater be Treated? A Guide to Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Industrial wastewater is rarely devoid of harmful substances and pollutants. Therefore, any wastewater that is released into the environment must undergo quality water treatment so that the environment is protected from harm’s way. Join us as we delve into the intriguing world of water treatment systems, their benefits, and more!


What is an Industrial Water Treatment System?

Before understanding why water treatments are essential, it is important to learn what an industrial water treatment system is and how it works. Water treatment systems employ a series of procedures to treat the water so that it can be reused or released safely into the environment. Water recycling is very important, especially in times and places where water is scarce. This process enables businesses to operate in a more sustainable manner and create a better future for generations to come.

Not all industrial wastewater will require the same treatment steps, so it is important to understand your options that meet your company’s unique specifications. Listed below are some of the most common industrial water treatment systems:


Raw water treatment systems

This system is designed to address the specific raw water needs of a business. It typically involves four components: a control panel, chemical feed, filtration, and a clarifier. It comprises technologies to eliminate colloidal solids and silica, bacteria and iron. It can also be used to remove water hardness. While there are a number of water hardness testing methods, most industrial-scale companies use a titration process to measure it.


Boiler feed water treatment systems

This system is made of various technologies to remove harmful impurities and enhance the chemistry control of internal boilers. They can also prolong the service life of equipment while preventing boiler failure.


Cooling tower water treatment systems

If a company is using a cooling tower system, it will need a cooling water treatment system to maximise functionality and ensure a seamless and secure operation. Cooling tower water testing will analyse some key parameters such as chemical testing, microbiological testing, physical testing, corrosion monitoring and others.


Wastewater treatment systems

These systems will help the treated water to be released safely into the environment or a treatment plant. If the water is intended for reuse, this system can help with that as well.


Why Should Companies Employ Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems?

Apart from environmental protection, there are several other reasons why water treatment is essential. Let’s walk through the main reasons:


Regulation Compliance

This is a given and must be enforced to avoid any legal consequences or penalties.


Conservation of Resources

Not only does this process help conserve water, but it also reduces the demand for freshwater sources.


Prevents Infrastructure Damage

Water treatment removes pollutants that can damage pipes and infrastructure, thereby extending the life of various equipment and reducing maintenance costs.



It is our social responsibility to protect our planet and water treatment systems will play an important role by taking a step towards sustainability in protecting the environment.


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