Where to Find Ammo in Sons of the Forest

If you enjoy survival and exploration games, Sons of the Forest is probably on your radar. This enthralling open-world adventure transports players to a mysterious woodland teeming with peril and intrigue. As you make your way across this harsh terrain, one thing becomes clear: ammo is critical to your life. In this article, we’ll go into the world of Sons of the Forest, looking at where to find ammo and the importance of cardboard ammo boxes  in your adventure.

Understanding Ammo in Sons of the Forest

You’ll come across many types of ammo in Sons of the Forest that will help you defend yourself against the dangers that lie within the forest. To ensure your life, you must have a steady supply of everything from arrows and bullets to specialized ammo for various weapons.

Ammo boxes made of cardboard are vital for storing and organizing your ammunition. They not only keep your valuable bullets safe, but they also assist you in properly managing your stockpile, making them an essential component of your survival kit.

Exploring the Game World

Sons of the Forest’s world is huge and intriguing, with surprises around every corner. You’ll find precious resources for creating munitions as you explore deep forests, underground caves, and abandoned constructions. Exploration is essential for survival, and knowing where to search might mean the difference between life and death.

Scavenging for Cardboard Ammo Boxes

While making your own ammunition is important, scavenging for supplies, such as cardboard ammo boxes, is also critical. These boxes can be found all throughout the game world, just waiting to be explored. Keep a look out for abandoned camps, military outposts, and secret locations where these boxes may be found.

Exploring locations with increased enemy activity may increase your chances of finding lost or forgotten ammo boxes left behind after clashes.

Crafting Ammo with Found Materials

Every survivor should be able to make their own ammunition. To make arrows and bullets, collect scrap metal, gunpowder, and feathers. You can even reuse cardboard ammo boxes found on your scavenging adventures to manufacture homemade explosive devices.

Pro tip: Before moving crafted ammo to your main inventory, use your cardboard ammo boxes as temporary storage for it.

Trading and Bartering for Ammo

You’ll come across NPCs in Sons of the Forest’s wide wilderness with whom you can communicate and sell things. These non-player characters may trade you ammunition in return for precious resources or even cardboard ammo boxes. Keep in mind that the stuff you own, including ammo, can be used as currency in this trade-based economy.

Building and Defending Your Base

As you continue through the game, you’ll most likely build a base for protection and shelter. Base defenses are critical, especially when encountering enemies. During these difficult moments, your valuable ammo cache, safely stored in cardboard ammo boxes, will be your lifeline.

A well-organized base allows you to easily reach your ammo, providing you a strategic advantage in difficult situations.

Ammo Conservation Strategies

Ammunition is a finite resource, and conserving it is critical for long-term survival. When possible, engage in melee battle and hone your archery skills to lessen the need for bullets. To make every shot count, be attentive of your shots and prioritize precision.

Remember that the more effectively you use your ammunition, the longer you will be able to survive in the wilderness.

Engaging in Combat

Battles in Sons of the Forest may be violent and adrenaline-pumping. The key to survival will be properly equipping yourself with the necessary ammo and using cardboard ammo boxes as backup storage. Before engaging adversaries, analyze your surroundings and plan your approach.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for potential ambush sites where you can utilize your ammunition wisely to take the upper hand.

Discovering Hidden Ammo Stashes

During your investigation, you’ll come across hidden places and secret caches. These locations may have valuable ammo stashes, such as cardboard ammo crates containing much-needed supplies. Keep an eye out for environmental signs and indications that may take you to these hidden gems.

Community Contributions: Ammo Trading Posts

Sons of the Forest fosters a strong community of players who often engage in trading and bartering. Some players might set up ammo trading posts, where you can exchange resources, crafted ammo, or cardboard ammo boxes with others. These trading posts create a dynamic player-driven economy, adding depth to the overall gaming experience.

Unlocking Ammo-related Achievements

Beyond the thrill of survival, Sons of the Forest offers achievement-based rewards for various accomplishments. Collecting and effectively using cardboard ammunition boxes can unlock special achievements, showcasing your proficiency as a resourceful survivor.

Keep an eye on the achievements related to cardboard ammo boxes, as they might reveal hidden tips and locations for valuable resources.

Challenges and Benefits of Ammo Hoarding

While hoarding ammunition might seem like a sound strategy, it comes with challenges. Carrying too much ammo can weigh you down, affecting your mobility during critical moments. Strike a balance between having enough ammo for emergencies and maintaining a reasonable inventory load.

Utilizing Ammo in Crafting Beyond Weapons

Ammo has applications beyond combat scenarios. Get creative and experiment with crafting structures and devices using cardboard ammo boxes. Building traps and decoys can be just as crucial as having a loaded weapon in the right situation.


The value of ammo becomes clear as you immerse yourself in the intriguing environment of Sons of the Forest. Scavenging for cardboard ammo boxes and making your own ammunition are talents that can mean the difference between survival and death in this unknown environment. Remember to use your ammo wisely, trade smartly, and explore every nook and crevice to find hidden treasures.

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