Vyvanse Abuse, Addiction, and Treatment

Vyvanse is a prescribed medication for treating certain medical conditions, like ADHD. (ADHD). Although many think that all prescription medicines are entirely safe to take, certain drugs, such as Vyvanse, may result in addiction or other serious problems.

Abuse and addiction to Vyvanse can drastically alter a person’s behavior, mood, and appearance. Being aware of the symptoms of addiction can help you get help as soon as possible.

If you know someone you know suffers from Vyvanse addiction, you should contact the Carolina Center for Recovery specialists to learn more about treatment options and get help.

What is Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine)?

Vyvanse is the brand name of lisdexamfetamine, which is an approved stimulant drug that is used for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as well as binge eating disorders. Numerous stimulant drugs, like Vyvanse, can carry the risk of addiction and abuse.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has classified Buy Vyvanse Online as a Schedule II drug. This means it carries a significant psychological as well as physical dependency risk. A few people will start taking Vyvanse with medical guidance but eventually abuse it and develop dependence. Others may take Vyvanse recreationally-meaning without a prescription-which has a high risk of developing addiction.

Recognizing Vyvanse Abuse

Vyvanse activates the central nervous system (CNS). When it is taken in the prescribed manner, there is a low chance of developing health problems or severe adverse side adverse effects. However, Vyvanse misuse can cause unpleasant or potentially dangerous adverse side effects, which include:

Blood pressure increases

Rapid heartbeat


Loss of appetite and weight loss


The risk of overdose is also part of Vyvanse abuse, which could cause hallucinations, seizures, and agitation. Overdoses are a medical emergency. Make a call to 911 the moment you notice the warning signs of the presence of an overdose.

Users of Vyvanse might be affected by the drug’s stimulant effects, which can be followed by a “crash.” Symptoms of crashes can include:





An increase in appetite

Muscles hurt

Some people may need to take more extraordinary or more frequent dosages of Vyvanse to reduce the discomfort from a crash or attain the desired effects when their bodies develop tolerance. Tolerance is an indication of abuse to Vyvanse. In the absence of intervention, addiction may multiply.

Over time, Vyvanse use can result in sleepiness and weight loss. It can also cause cardiovascular issues such as palpitations, fainting, and chest pain. Heart-related problems that can be life-threatening, such as stroke and heart attack, could also arise over a long time of Vyvanse misuse.

Do I Need Treatment for Vyvanse Abuse or Addiction?

If you use Vyvanse and are suffering from symptoms of abuse, it is essential to seek treatment as fast as possible to avoid serious complications that could affect your life. Being aware of the signs of Vyvanse addiction will help you find the help you need to conquer the problem.

If a person is involved in long-term Buying Vyvanse Online abuse, they can become addicted, which can enormously impact their appearance, behavior, and mood.

Addiction is the total lack of control over the amount and intensity of your drug use. The signs of Vyvanse addiction are:

It is possible to take Vyvanse without having a prescription

Doing more or higher dosages than the prescribed

In attempting to cut down or eliminate your Vyvanse use, but without results

Secretly or deceiving yourself about your use of drugs

Making a risk to gain Vyvanse

Separation from family and friends

Not paying attention to your responsibilities at home, at work, or school

You may need to take more Vyvanse to achieve the desired outcomes

The misuse of Vyvanse could cause addiction. If you continue using Vyvanse despite negative impacts on your health, relationships, or other aspects that affect your daily life, you may require assistance overcoming Vyvanse dependence. An extensive addiction treatment program could aid you in taking control of your health and vitality and making progress.

What Happens in Treatment for Vyvanse Addiction?

Vyvanse Online addiction treatment can be found at various treatment levels, including outpatient, part, and inpatient rehabilitation programs. The amount of treatment you need will depend on the extent of your addiction and other personal factors. Before you begin treatment, a physician or addiction expert will review your needs and suggest the most appropriate treatment plan.

Typically, addiction treatment is done in stages, starting with a detoxification program supported by medical professionals. In detox, you’ll receive holistic therapies, medications, and emotional support to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

After a complete detox, you can begin a comprehensive treatment plan incorporating the most effective holistic and evidence-based treatments to tackle the physical, behavioral, and emotional aspects.

Treatment plans can consist of the following:

Individual counseling

Group therapy

Family therapy


Medical and mental health treatment

Information about the prevention of relapses

Wellness treatments such as mindfulness, massage, and nutrition counseling

Aftercare planning

The assistance, knowledge as well as the treatment you get during the Vyvanse addiction program will ensure that you remain sober throughout the remainder of your life.

Find Help Now

It is not necessary to shoulder the burden of Vyvanse addiction on your own. A compassionate, complete treatment program is offered through Carolina Center for Recovery. Carolina Center for Recovery. Our admissions staff is available to assist you in exploring the options for treatment, select the best degree of care and begin a life-changing treatment as soon as possible.

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