Understanding The Psychology Behind Online Reputation Management in 2023

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According to a recent report, a staggering 89% of users rely on online reviews before making a purchase decision. ORM has become a make-or-break factor for businesses with social media and review sites playing a pivotal role in shaping perceptions. In this blog, we will explore the psychology behind ORM and how Eridium, a leading ORM solution provider, empowers businesses to proactively manage their online reputation and achieve exceptional outcomes.

The Psychology Behind ORM

ORM influences people’s perceptions of a brand or individual on the internet. It’s about managing what people see when they search for a brand or individual online. The psychology behind online reputation management lies in understanding how people form opinions and make decisions based on what they see online.

People are more likely to form an opinion about a brand or individual based on what they see online. Before deciding, they might read reviews, look at ratings, or check social media profiles. Therefore, ensuring that the information available online is accurate, positive, and relevant to the brand or individual is essential.

Here are some of the psychological factors that come into play when managing an online reputation:


Trust is a crucial element of online reputation management. Consumers are more likely to trust a brand with a positive online reputation, and this trust can directly impact a business’s bottom line. At Eridium, we help our clients build trust by creating and promoting positive content online.


Perception is everything when it comes to online reputation management. What people perceive about a brand can be very different from what the brand stands for. Our team at Eridium helps clients craft a positive brand image that aligns with their core values and mission.

Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful psychological concept that refers to people’s tendency to follow the crowd. People who see positive reviews or ratings online are more likely to trust and choose that brand. Our team at Eridium helps clients generate positive social proof by encouraging happy customers to leave reviews and testimonials.

Exclusive Insider Tips for ORM Success

While online reputation management (ORM) can offer many benefits for businesses and individuals, it’s important to also acknowledge some potential concerns and limitations of ORM. Here are some points to consider for a balanced perspective on ORM:


One potential concern with ORM is the potential for creating a false or misleading online image. In an effort to maintain a positive online reputation, some may be tempted to fabricate reviews or testimonials, or manipulate search results. However, such deceptive practices can have serious consequences if discovered, including damage to credibility and legal ramifications. It’s important to prioritize authenticity and transparency in online reputation management strategies.


Managing online reputation can be complex, as the digital landscape is constantly evolving. New platforms, algorithms, and trends emerge regularly, and it can be challenging to keep up with the changes. Additionally, negative content or reviews can spread quickly and may require immediate attention to mitigate any potential damage. It’s important to have a comprehensive and proactive ORM strategy in place to effectively manage online reputation.

Bias and Subjectivity

Online reviews and ratings are subjective and can be influenced by biases or personal opinions. Negative reviews may be left by competitors or disgruntled individuals, while positive reviews may be exaggerated or biased. It’s important to consider the context of reviews and ratings and not solely rely on them for assessing the reputation of a brand or individual.

Ethical Considerations

ORM practices may involve monitoring and responding to online conversations, which can raise ethical concerns around invasion of privacy and data collection. It’s important to adhere to ethical guidelines and legal regulations, such as data protection laws, while managing online reputation.

Limitations of Control

While ORM can provide strategies for managing online reputation, it’s important to recognize that not all online content or reviews can be controlled or removed. Negative content may continue to exist even with ORM efforts, and it may require a proactive approach to address and manage the impact on reputation.

Eridium’s Holistic Approach to Online Reputation Management Services

While ORM can be a valuable tool for businesses and individuals to manage their online reputation, it’s important to approach it with a balanced perspective, acknowledging the complexities, ethical considerations, and limitations of control. At Eridium, we offer various customized online reputation management services to help our clients maintain a positive image online while keeping all of it in mind. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • SEO
  • Employee/Business Perspective

Reputation Monitoring

We diligently monitor our client’s online reputation, including social media mentions, reviews, and ratings, to proactively address any negative content. Our prompt response and collaborative approach allow us to effectively mitigate potential harm and work towards clarifying any misunderstandings or issues from our client’s perspective. To aid further in our reputation monitoring efforts, we utilize advanced tools and software that provide comprehensive coverage of online platforms and channels. These tools enable us to track and analyze sentiment, gather valuable insights, and promptly identify any reputation management opportunities or challenges that may arise.

Online Review Management

Caring for our client’s online reputation is our top priority. We diligently manage their reviews, promptly address any negative feedback to minimize impact, and proactively encourage positive feedback from satisfied customers. Our proven ORM techniques are designed to ensure that a client maintains a positive and accurate online presence, fostering trust and credibility among their target audience.

Content Creation

Taking a thoughtful and balanced approach, we craft customized content for our clients to enhance their online reputation. This includes engaging blog posts, well-written articles, thoughtful reviews, and impactful press releases that promote positive stories and contribute to a strong online presence. Our content is carefully optimized for search engines and social media platforms, aligning with our clients’ reputation management goals while maintaining credibility and effectiveness.

Crisis Management

In times of reputational challenges, we offer strategic reputation management services to our clients with a balanced approach. Our experienced team works closely with the client to proactively address any potential damage to their reputation through a range of ORM strategies. This includes developing and publishing high-quality content that showcases the client’s positive image, implementing targeted social media campaigns to engage with the target audience and monitor sentiment, and leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to promote positive content about the client on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Our approach is guided by professionalism and integrity, and we strive to help our clients regain control of their online reputation with customized solutions tailored to their needs.

Eridium’s Clients

We at Eridium have worked with various clients across different industries. As we say, our results speak for themselves and here is an overview.

Building an Employee-Friendly Digital Presence 

A technology solutions company approached Eridium with the challenge of building an employee-friendly digital presence that would enhance its business development journey. We conducted an in-depth study of conversations across the brand, analyzed brand conversations across digital spaces, and built insightful reports to transform employee engagement and journey with the brand. Our efforts increased positive associate engagement and followers across platforms, a 5-star rating increase and LinkedIn gaining half a million followers. As a result, the company became a finalist for ‘Best Employer Brand’ and ‘Talent Insights Pioneer’ at the LinkedIn Awards 2022.

Establishing Impactful Online Reputation for a Retail Company

As a digital marketing agency specializing in online reputation management, we helped a retail company enhance its brand reputation and digital presence. We proactively monitored online content, identifying and addressing any negative content or customer concerns promptly. We also actively engaged with customers, managed reviews, and strategically responded to feedback. This played a vital role in building a positive brand perception and improving the company’s online reputation. As a result, the retail company experienced increased customer trust, improved brand loyalty, and ultimately contributed to the company’s growth and success in the retail industry.

Our success in managing the retail company’s online reputation had a direct impact on the company’s bottom line. By promptly addressing negative content and customer concerns, we helped mitigate potential reputational risks that could have resulted in lost sales or damaged brand perception. We also demonstrated a commitment to exceptional customer service through strategic engagement with customers. This positive interaction with customers not only improved their overall experience but also increased the likelihood of repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. As a result, the retail company experienced increased customer retention and acquisition, leading to improved sales performance and revenue growth.

Improving Digital Reputation on Glassdoor

An IT services provider needed help to improve its digital reputation on Glassdoor, as it lacked an employee-friendly digital presence. Eridium stepped in to re-imagine the brand story, create content, and enhance the digital reputation for the brand solutions. We created a comprehensive content strategy to improve the brand’s digital reputation on Glassdoor, created targeted campaigns to drive more reviews and ratings from employees, and leveraged our expertise in digital marketing to promote the brand’s Glassdoor presence. Our efforts significantly improved the brand’s digital reputation on Glassdoor, including a 100% decrease in 1/2 star ratings, 260+ assets created across Glassdoor as responses, and a total of 0.2M Glassdoor page views.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Eridium recognizes the vital importance of online reputation management for businesses and individuals. Our customized solutions, crafted by our experienced team of experts, blend psychology and strategy to create a positive, authentic, and credible online image. With a proven track record across diverse industries, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your reputation goals. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services and take charge of your online presence with confidence. We can help you build and protect your online reputation with a balanced and strategic approach.

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