Understand how to get paint out of clothing with these methods

Painting is not a neat task. Most times, it will make your hands and clothes dirty. So, whenever you are doing some work with the paints, you should put on an apron. This way you will not cause direct damage to your clothes. Sometimes, you might spill the paints accidently. At other times, while working with all attention you might not see the dress getting stained. So, in either case, you will be left with a cloth that is stained with paint. 

In these cases, the question- how to get paint out of clothing will bother us a lot. There are a variety of methods for taking out paint from your clothes. You should begin treating the paint stain as soon as you see it. Delaying the treatment will set the paint stain and its removal will become tough. So, let’s go to the cleaning methods that can be used for taking out paint stains from your favorite clothes.

Methods for how to get paint out of clothing

  • Rubbing Alcohol method
  • Hairspray method
  • Salt, vinegar, & ammonia method
  • Turpentine method

Rubbing Alcohol method

Rubbing alcohol is a very good removal agent for paints that are latex-based. So, if you work with latex paints a lot, then you should always place some rubbing alcohol nearby. This way you will be able to initiate the cleaning process almost immediately. Acrylic paint stains can also be managed by using rubbing alcohol. 

  • You have to put some water over the paint stain first. This will dampen the stained area of the cloth. 
  • Then, take the rubbing alcohol bottle and soak a cotton ball or toothbrush in it. Using the cotton ball or brush, you have to scrub the paint stain in a gentle way. If the fabric is strong, then a little more intense scrubbing can be carried out.
  • Once the paint stain comes off, you can rinse the area using warm water. If the stain has not gone properly, then you have to repeat the rubbing alcohol cleaning process again. After the proper removal of the stain, you can wash it to get rid of the rubbing alcohol and the left out paint.

Hairspray method

This is a great method on how to get paint out of clothing. It can be employed for cleaning the latex paint stains which are of small size. Most hairsprays of these days have alcohol in them. This alcohol will help in loosening the latex paint stain. So, as you apply hair spray over the stain, it will ease the bond between the fabric and the paint. This will pull the paint stain out of the fabric. But, don’t go with this cleaning process if you have got a big stain. In that case, you will have to pour the entire hairspray bottle.

  • Take your hairspray and spray it all over the paint stain. Note that the paint stain must be fully covered with the hairspray. 
  • After some time, you have to scrub the stain with a used toothbrush. Scrubbing will make the paint stain come off easily. Once the paint has been lifted, you can stop the scrubbing process.
  • Then, you have to wash the area with some warm water. If any stain is there, then you can take the help of some laundry stain remover.

Salt, vinegar, & ammonia method

Sometimes you can encounter tougher paint stains. The rubbing alcohol and hairspray methods might fail during such events. In that case, you have to go for the salt, vinegar, & ammonia method. This method employs three cleaning agents, and is a very strong treatment. 

  • You will have to take 1 tablespoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of ammonia for this method. These substances should be mixed properly to get our cleaning solution. 
  • Then, we have to take a piece of cloth and dip it in the formulated cleaning solution. Use this cloth to scrub the tough paint stain. Continue the scrubbing action until the paint stain comes off. In most cases, the stain will go away after a few scrubbing attempts.
  • Sometimes, the stain might not come off that easily. If that is the case, then you have to make the cleaning solution in large amounts. After that, you have to dip the paint stained cloth in this solution for some hours. For stubborn stains, you can keep the cloth like that for the whole night. In the morning, you have to do some more scrubbing to lift the paint stain.

Turpentine method

Lets see how to get paint out of clothing with turpentine compound. This removal technique is tried out for oil paint stains. The lifting of oil paint from your cloth is very tough because of the oil base. But, by employing stronger cleaning options, you will be able to lift this stubborn and strong stain. 

  • Take some paper towels and stack them up. Keep the stained area of your cloth over this paper towel pile. The stained surface must be facing downward while you lay the cloth.
  • Then, you have to dab the paint stain with turpentine. This will thin the paint and it will come off the fabric. The stained paper towels must be replaced at regular intervals. Try to perform this cleaning outside if you don’t want the strong odor of turpentine to fill your home.
  • After finishing, you can treat the area with some dish detergent and water to remove the turpentine. Then, wash and dry the fabric in a normal way.


We saw how to get paint out of clothing with 4 different cleaning ways. It is important that you have a proper idea of the paint stain before initiating the treatment. Different paint stains need different chemical treatments. The fabric type is also very important when selecting a cleaning method. Don’t employ a chemical treatment that has the capability of damaging your cloth fabric. Certain chemicals can fade the actual color of your cloth. So, keep these points in mind when you are going to try out a particular cleaning treatment. Lastly, try to follow all the necessary precautions when painting. This will lower the chances of staining while working with paints.

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