Tile Shopping Made Easy: A Comprehensive Guide to Thrissur’s Tile Stores

Are you in search of tiles that offer both appeal visually and functionally? If you want plentiful tile options, explore Thrissur which is a bustling city known for its dynamic ambience and cultural diversity. Navigating through this plethora of possibilities may be difficult, but it also presents a thrilling opportunity to find the perfect tiles in Thrissur that flawlessly integrate style and practicality that boost the entire appeal of your freshly built or refurbished space. In this blog, discover ways to make your tile buying experience in Thrissur easier, so you can easily discover the ideal tiles for your project among the diverse tiles showroom in Thrissur.

How to Find the Best Tiles in Thrissur

  • Research and Planning

It’s important to do extensive research and make a strategy before beginning your tile-buying journey in Thrissur. Identify the precise locations such as flooring, walls, and backsplashes, where tiles are required. Consider your space’s overall design theme inclusive of colour palette, and style to help you narrow down your options. Having a distinct vision will enable you to choose from among the many tiles in Thrissur that are offered by the market with better knowledge and understanding.

  • Local Tile Showrooms

Look for a tiles showroom in Thrissur that displays a large selection of tiles that can serve your tastes and preferences. Numerous respectable tile establishments can be found in well-known districts including Punkunnam, Guruvayur, and M.G. Road. You can examine tiles in person, feel their texture, and observe how they respond to light by going to local stores; these are those aspects that online purchasing could not fully convey.

  • Budget considerations

Before shopping for tiles, a budget must be established. Thrissur has tile options that range from expensive to fairly priced, so there is something for every budget. It’s important to find a balance between cost and attractiveness, even while it may be tempting to spend a lot of money on premium tiles. Take into account the tiles’ lifespan while making a decision, particularly in high-traffic areas.

  • Tile Varieties and Materials

There are many different types and materials of tiles available in the Thrissur tile market with different finishes and designs. Every material has special qualities, benefits, and upkeep needs of its own. Although porcelain is recognised for its durability, ceramic tiles are popular due to their affordability. Vitrified tiles give endurance and a polished surface, combining the best features of both materials. On the other hand, natural stone tiles like granite and marble look opulent. So, select among the range of choices that go with your particular requirements.

  • Local Artisanal Tiles

The region’s selection of locally crafted tiles reflects the famous creative traditions of Thiruvannamalai, the city of temples. Your home will be enhanced with a hint of traditional charm by handcrafted tiles that have brilliant colours and detailed motifs. Look into artisan workshops and neighbourhood markets for one-of-a-kind and customised tile possibilities that highlight Thrissur’s rich cultural legacy.

  • Online Marketplace

Don’t want to limit yourself in the surrounding marketing? You can expand your tile purchasing horizons by looking at options outside of your neighbourhood stores. Numerous sellers and makers of tile have websites where they display their merchandise. This lets you research a larger selection of styles, compare costs, and read customer reviews all from the comfort of your own home. To make sure the tiles live up to your expectations, obtain samples if at all feasible and proceed with caution when making orders online.

  • Tile Installation Services

Hiring a professional installer is the next step after choosing the ideal tiles. A variety of knowledgeable tile installation services are available in Thrissur to help you realise your idea. Look for and work with trustworthy experts who have dealt with the particular kind of tiles you have selected. For the tiles to last a long time and perform well, installation must be done properly. While buying Tiles in Thrissur, look for a provider that offers tile installation services also.


When done carefully and with preparation, tile buying in Thrissur can be a rewarding experience. Thrissur has a range of solutions to suit different tastes and price ranges, from internet platforms to local stores. Visit the Orientbell Tiles Boutique, a premium tiles showroom in Thrissur located in Urakam, Thrissur, Kerala, for the best tiles in the area. With a dedication to excellence and an extensive selection of premium tiles, Orientbell Tiles ensures a simple and sophisticated tile purchasing experience that captures the vibrancy of Thrissur’s culture. Orientbell Tiles has the ideal tiles for your project, so go forward with confidence.

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