Mistakes People Make While Making a Move from One Place to Another

The first rule of smooth and hassle-free shifting is as follows. Hire the packers and movers in Pune. And the entire shift will feel like nothing more than an ordinary day in your life. But still, things cannot be as perfect as you want them to be. There is always some room for imperfection. And hence, if someone is making a shift for the first time, the guy is certainly prone to making mistakes. This usually happens because of a lack of knowledge. You just don’t know how to do a certain thing in the best way possible. But it doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Go through the following blog and have a list of all the most common mistakes that you can make while shifting, transporting, packing, etc. Let’s get started.

Packing without Decluttering

Making all your belongings damage-proof through packing is the first thing you have to be worried about while making a move. But there are certain rules you need to follow. Just don’t pack unless you have removed the clutter. First, discard the household articles that you don’t need anymore. And then think of packing. This way, you only have to worry about the transport of useful things. It reduces the conveyance cost as well, making the process economical.

Hiring Someone without Checking Credentials

Another mistake that you make is not carrying out essential checks on credentials. This way, you end up with a jerk. If you don’t care enough about the background of a particular service provider, how are you going to get the right person? It is your biggest mistake of all time. Therefore, before hiring anyone, have a look at all the essential things like your company registration number, GSTIN, company identity proof, etc.

Not Ensuring Registration and GSTIN

Many times, people are in a hurry. And therefore, they don’t take a pause even to check if they are getting the right person at their service or not. It is extremely crucial that you only deal with registered and GST council-approved packers and movers in Pune. If you fulfil these two criteria, nobody can stop you from picking the best moving company from the market. These things help you put trust in someone you don’t know personally. Otherwise, how would you know if the person before you is really worth trusting?

Using Low-Standard Packing Materials

Let’s come back to packing-related stuff again. So, as far as possible, don’t try to use any cheap wrapping and packing supplies. Cheap things are not always good at providing quality or safety. When you use low-standard material, your belongings don’t get the protection they need in transit. And thus, they get wrecked. In the case of fragile items, the damage during transport may even get to an extreme point like things have shattered into pieces. So, always use premium quality stuff to pack and wrap your valuables.

Hiring a Novice

Don’t you want to save money while shifting? Well, everyone would love to do so. It is because money is hard to earn. But sometimes, this fantasy of yours takes you to an extreme level. And you find that you have actually messed things up. I am specifically talking about hiring a novice with little to no practical experience just to save a little money. Saving money may sound good but sometimes the real wisdom is to spend it. Hire a well-experienced service provider. It is crucial as you cannot afford to have a quality hassle-free experience without a professionally practical person. So, don’t hire a person whose field experience is below 5 to 6 years. Don’t make this mistake.

Throwing Away Useless Items

Before shifting, purging may give you a hard time. Not everyone can toss their things into the dustbin that easily. It is something really difficult for emotionally attached people. But don’t make the mistake of taking everything into your new house. It will just increase the cost of shifting. Instead of that, make a list of items you really need and put the rest in the garbage right away. You are going to get nothing out of making an unnecessarily emotional fuss over just material things. Throw them right away. And make it less difficult.

Paying Moving Companies in Advance

Well, we have already discussed how you should hire a genuine service provider. Now, take this piece of advice as well. Never ever pay packers and movers fully ahead of service. If you do so, you are going to remain a low priority. And even worse, your service provider demands more money presenting various legitimate and valid reasons. The cause of all the trouble is this mistake. By the way, it is okay to consider a little deposit before getting served. But when it comes to paying everything in advance, turn your face somewhere else. There has got to be a better option.

Mistaking a Broker for a Full-Fledged Company

Have you ever been in this situation? We are talking about the time when you have mistaken someone for someone else—a whole different person. If you say yes, don’t worry. You are not the only person. It happens to so many human beings. But if it happens while shifting, you are doomed to pay extra money. Often, people think that they are dealing with a full-fledged service provider, judging things from the outside. However, it is hardly the case. They have mistaken a broker to be so. Well, in this situation, the broker is going to manage everything you need. But here, you will have to pay a little extra as personal commissions are included. That is why you are advised to beware of this pitfall.

Choosing the Longest Route Possible

Now, we are about to reach the end of this discussion. Only two points are left to deal with. So, the thing is that sometimes there is a choice. In other words, more than one way leads to the same destination. In that case, don’t be careless and pick up any route blindfolded. Instead, analyse things and choose the one with the fewest number of Km. Go with the shortest route possible.

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