Heaven With Mosa Cream Chargers

Mosa cream chargers

are compatible with all standard 8g cream dispensers. They are a great solution for restaurants and businesses that need to create whipped creams and cocktails on a large scale.

Hank Chen is the sales director at Mosa, one of the world’s biggest producers of nitrous oxide cream chargers. His company’s canisters litter London streets and Mediterranean party resorts.

Mosa cream chargers

Easy to Use of Mosa cream chargers

Mosa cream chargers are a simple, time-saving and cost-effective way to create whipped cream. They work by injecting pressurized gas into liquid to aerate. It and are used in many professional settings including restaurants, bars and cafés. However, their popularity is increasing in a domestic capacity and amateur chefs are discovering. The many exciting possibilities of this revolutionary cooking tool.

The most common use for cream chargers is to whip up a tasty bowl of whipped cream in a matter of seconds. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this innovative cooking tool. They can also be used to create an array of stunning culinary foams and spumes which can be added to cocktails and soft drinks for a truly eye-catching presentation.

A standard-sized cream charger will hold up to half a litre of liquid and contains 8 grams of pure, culinary-grade nitrous oxide (N2O). These cartridges are easy to use and compatible with all modern day cream whippers/dispensers and come complete with a zinc coating which helps prevent kitchen moisture from corroding the canister.

Mosa is the world’s biggest producer of nitrous oxide cream chargers and their distinctive cylinders can be seen littering the streets of London and Mediterranean party resorts. Hank Chen, sales director at the company. Which also makes canisters for carbonating drinks and inflating car tyres, says demand for his products has been outstripping production for years. He expects his new 30,000 square meter plant in Taiwan to be operating at full capacity within five or 10 years.

Long Lasting

Mosa cream chargers are a kitchen tool that can help you achieve a professional look and taste to your food in a relatively short amount of time. They are made of polished silver steel and contain 8 grams of nitrous oxide (N2). They are designed to be long-lasting, as they can easily last for years without being damaged. This makes them a good choice for commercial use, as well as for everyday cooking at home.

These chargers can be used with a variety of cream dispensers, including the popular iSi cream whippers. They are made with high-quality, recyclable Polish stainless steel and come with a leak-proof case. They are also very affordable, so you can buy as many as you need without breaking your budget.

You should keep your whipped cream chargers in a cool place, such as in the refrigerator. This will ensure that they don’t lose their quality. As nitrous oxide will degrade over time when it is exposed to hot temperatures. You should also make sure to dispose of them properly. As nitrous oxide is toxic if inhaled for a prolonged period.

As one of the world’s biggest producers of nitrous oxide cream chargers, Mosa has seen demand skyrocket in recent years. The company’s factory in Taiwan has been doubling production to meet demand, and Hank Chen expects the expansion to continue for five or more years.

Easy to Clean

Mosa cream chargers are compatible with almost every whipped cream dispenser/dispenser available on the market. They are a must-have for anyone looking to get creative in the kitchen and create beautiful culinary foams, spumes, drinks and cocktails. They can also be used to rapidly infuse flavors into alcoholic beverages such as liqueurs and spirits.

These chargers are easy to clean and use – simply screw the charger holder onto the head of the cream whipper/dispenser, insert a charger, then twist gently. Once the cartridge is empty, discharge any remaining pressure over a sink and unscrew the charger to reveal a small brush for cleaning. They are then safe to dispose of, and can be reused again.

Hank Chen is the sales director for one of the world’s biggest producers of nitrous oxide chargers, Mosa. Whose name is probably seen most often on empty canisters scattered in street cafes and Mediterranean party resorts. Their purpose-built factory in Taiwan produces around 500,000 cream chargers each day and their products are sold worldwide. The range of high-pressure chargers is used in both commercial and domestic applications, including for carbonating drinks, inflating car airbags, making whipped cream and soda siphons. Their N2O cartridges are produced using Linde gas and are food-safe.


The whipped cream chargers by Mosa are some of the most affordable options available on the market. They are made from high-quality materials and come with 8 grams of food-grade nitrous oxide. They are also recyclable and are made to last a long time. These chargers are also easy to use, making them ideal for anyone who wants to create a quick and tasty dessert.

Mosa is one of the world’s largest producers of nitrous oxide cartridges. Its factory in Taiwan produces 500,000 of the canisters a day for worldwide distribution. Its customers include people who use their products to whip cream, inflate tyres, and even for soda siphons. They are not cheap, however, and the nitrous oxide canisters cost anywhere between $13 to $15 each.

The standard-size n2o chargers can be used with almost every cream whipper that is currently available in the market. They can be used to make soft whipped cream, as well as foams and spumes. They are also suitable for rapid infusion techniques that can help you create captivating cocktails and flavored alcoholic drinks.

The most important consideration when choosing a whipped cream dispenser is compatibility with the chargers. Fortunately, all Mosa cream chargers on the market are compatible with standard-size n2o chargers. Moreover, they can be purchased online and are delivered to your doorstep in an instant.

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