Find out food that makes people sick will often taste like what

When a food is in good state, it will have a certain flavor and taste. But, if the food has gone bad, then this flavor will not be the same. The change in condition will significantly deteriorate the original taste of the foodstuff. Many times, we want to understand what does food that makes people sick will often taste like.

It is very important that you become capable of distinguishing the taste of a bad food from the taste of a good and fresh one. If the concerned foodstuff is in good state, then you can have it. It will not cause any damage to your body. In the same way, if the food is not appropriate for consumption, then you will have to throw it away. Taking this food will make you terribly ill.

Here, we will learn about these concepts thoroughly. This will help you to correctly understand if the food is good or bad. So, without wasting any more time, let’s find out the taste of the food that can make us ill.

The food that makes people sick will often taste like what

Here, we will list some of the most common tastes that are shown by food items that have become bad. So, keep these tastes in mind whenever you are checking the flavor of any food item. If after tasting you get any of the listed flavors, then it means that the food has become bad. Such bad food items should never be consumed. Instead, you have to immediately put this spoiled food in the trash bin.

  • Characteristic Sharp Taste

We have to understand that the saliva of our mouth has some sour feel. Sometimes, when you add large amounts of spices to your food, it will taste sharper than the saliva. But, in some cases, foods with no added spices can also give a sharp taste. This is because they are no longer fresh and have become bad. The stale foodstuffs give off an extremely sharp taste. You should not consume these kinds of food items and they have to be thrown away. 

  • No evident taste change

Food that makes people sick might sometimes reveal no particular change in taste. This actually makes it very difficult for us to understand if the food is good or unsuitable for eating. Such food stuffs become bad without presenting any differences in taste. So, to keep yourself safe from becoming sick, you have to avoid taking cooked foods that are 4 or 5 days old. This rule should be followed for even those foods that are wrapped in packets. The foods that can be kept and taken for longer periods of time have to be labeled correctly.

Other signs of food that makes people sick

Apart from taste changes, there are a variety of signs that are given off by bad and stale food items. Keeping an idea regarding these signs will help you immensely in understanding the condition of the food. This mostly includes the physical appearance of the concerned food stuff. So, let’s understand what food that makes people sick will often look and smell like.

  • Unusual color and texture

Bad and stale food will also undergo color and texture changes. So, you have to closely monitor your food items for the appearance – related differences. The surface of the bad food stuff can show a very unusual color. Scaly and whitish appearance on the food surface is also common. This change occurs because of fungus growth over the stale foodstuffs. You might also note a bumpy texture here and there.

  • Wood-like Smell from the Food

Whenever we are checking any food item’s freshness, we have to determine its smell first. You have to look for any noticeable change in the smell of the respective food item. If you cook and store any food, then gradually it will undergo a change in smell. This is very normal and this occurs in the case of most foods. But, if the food is giving off a characteristic unpleasant smell, then something might be wrong with it. In most cases, if the food has become bad, then it will give out a woody smell. So, a wood-like smell is a clear indication for you to discard the food.

Reasons for change in taste, look & smell

Now we know what does food that makes people sick will often taste, look and smell like. Many readers might desire to understand the actual cause behind these changes. These changes mean that the food has totally lost its nutritional content, and is now home to different microbes.There are a variety of reasons that might make the food stuff bad and stale.

  • Food has crossed its actual shelf life

Every item that we cook has a distinctive shelf life. By this, we mean that the food has to be taken within this shelf life span. The food that has crossed its shelf life time will undergo different changes in flavor, taste, smell, texture and color.

  • Improper storage ways

After making a food item, you need to give it the proper storage conditions. This will retain the food in proper state and freshness. But, if you use bad storage techniques, then the food will face changes in taste and smell.

  • Improper Cooking

If you don’t follow correct cooking steps, then you will inevitably face changes in food smell and taste. Sometimes, undercooking can also alter the characteristics of the food items.


We learned what does the food that makes people sick will often taste like. Apart from that we have also looked at the smell and appearance changes that these foods undergo when they become stale. It is very crucial to monitor these aspects when taking any food. If you notice the changes stated above, then you have to throw the food into the bin. Taking these food items can cause problems in your tummy. Sometimes, actions like this can also make you suffer from food infection issues. So, be aware of your foods and their state prior to consuming them.

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