Disadvantages that Come Along with an Studying Abroad

The idea of studying abroad and earning a degree has been fascinating us since our childhood. As a child, we have witnessed so many candidates traveling abroad and living a wonderful life. In the movies, we have seen how the heroes traveled abroad for an abroad education and made changes to their business, and grows it to the highest level of success. Even in real life, the experiences of international students often fascinate us and inspire us to travel to countries prominent in the education sector. 

Studying abroad is not always a bed of roses because there are some drawbacks that go along with the benefits. The article will assist you in understanding all the drawbacks that one has to endure while studying abroad. 

Please take note that we aren’t influencing you to change your decision of studying abroad. In fact, all we want to do is get you ready for any problems that can arise during your time overseas. Prior to their departure, all international students need to do a reality check on the lifestyle they will lead there. As a result, read this essay with the intent to prepare yourself for the lifestyle that you will be experiencing abroad. 

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Let’s learn a few disadvantages that come along with an abroad education. 

Unrecognized Degree

Note that the degree that you have received from an eminent university present abroad doesn’t final your success in the government jobs in your home country. There are some limitations that are clearly defined in the eligibility criteria that candidates with colleges recognized by the home country can appear for the government exams. The recognition of the degrees received from eminent universities is not strong enough to get employment across your entire home nation. 


Pursuing an education abroad can lead you to a huge debt as you will need to invest huge bundles of money for an abroad education. It is often said that an abroad education can cost you five times more than the actual cost of studying in your own nation. Even the vast accumulation of a huge debt will create a sense of urgency in your mind to hunt for the greatest employment with a good salary.  Foreign countries have several work opportunities to help you make money to pay for your studies and manage your survival abroad. 


As we have mentioned earlier that studying abroad could cost you 5 times more than the expense that might have occurred on domestic education. Candidates stay eager to receive an abroad education through loans or the money that their parents have collected for years with the hope to give them a better life. Rent, groceries, and transit costs are just a few examples of fundamental necessities whose costs may exceed your budget. Thus, you must pay attention to maintaining your budget and focus on investing rather than spending. 


Well, sickness is the worst thing that comes with an abroad education. It is not easy to stay away from the people, environment, and culture where you have lived for years. You will just desire for your family members to come along with you or you will just wish to go back to them and live a wonderful life. To tackle homesickness, you have to make the best use of the options available in technology. Use WhatsApp calling option to connect with your loved ones and tackle homesickness at the roots. 

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These are a few disadvantages that come along with studying abroad. Make sure to read them all and tackle them profoundly as each disadvantage that we have mentioned above has a perfect solution. 

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