Demystifying the Process: Obtaining an Electrical Contractor License Haryana

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Any person who wishes to take up electrical projects like installations of lifts, transformers, or maintenance should have an Electrical Contractor License Haryana issued by the government of Haryana. The License-related works like granting the license, conducting exams, and having a regular check of all these are taken care of by the Chief Electrical Inspector Department, Haryana.

The applicant will be granted a Class A Electrical Contractor License Haryana. In this article, let us look at the qualifications required, the application process, and all the details for applying for the Electrical Contractor License Haryana.

Eligibility for Electrical Contractor License Haryana

The individual or a firm should have its operating office in Haryana, Chandigarh, or New Delhi.

The applicant should employ

–          At least one supervisor with a competency certificate granted by the Licensing Board, Haryana for the respective voltage level the applicant has applied for. Two supervisors will be needed for the EHT voltage level.

–          One wireman for medium level voltage, two wiremen for up to HT Voltage level, and three wiremen for EHT Voltage level.

Required Documents for Electrical Contractor License Haryana

–          Declaration stating that the firm/company is not backlisted

–          Business registration proof

–          Proof of Residence

–          PAN Card, Sales Tax, and Service Tax Number must be submitted

–          Government fees Challan receipt

–          Attested copied from the Supevior and wireman with their PAN card, Aadhar Card, and photos

–          All partners/directors’ PAN Card, Aadhar Cards and Photos

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