All You Need To Know About Preventing Unpredictable Equipment Breakdown

All You Need To Know About Preventing Unpredictable Equipment Breakdown

The number of downtimes that you can see in your construction career can exceed unpredictable numbers. At times your supervisors may blame the downtime as the cause of your negligent behavior. 

Therefore, it’s highly important for you to understand the root cause behind these unpredicted machine stoppages. Various reasons, including mechanical failure and maintenance loopholes, can lead to operational failures in used construction equipment.

To increase your efficiency as a heavy equipment user we have compiled causes and solutions to face unforeseen equipment breakdowns. 

What Are The Potential Causes Of Heavy Equipment Downtime?

How will you resolve a problem if you don’t know what’s causing it? To make sure you are integrating the right solution to encounter equipment’s operational failure, it is important to understand underlying common causes. 

Inefficient Repair Routine 

When it comes to using heavy equipment like a used road roller, cranes, or dozers you need to be very proactive in conducting regular maintenance sessions. The hydraulics, engines, tires, seals, or horses of this heavy equipment are sensitive and demand mending from time to time. 

Though general wear and tear of heavy equipment is normal. To minimize the risk of safety hazards, technicians are advised to perform regular repairs and avoid any unpredictable breakdown.

Inadequate Usage Of Heavy Equipment 

One of the most common causes of machine failure is human error. Heavy equipment can’t bear negligence or carelessness in terms of its usage.  Now you may think this used construction equipment looks so bulky and tough that you can take its operations lightly. 

However, in reality, these giants also have load limits and require extra care. Pushing your heavy equipment to its maximum will be the fastest way to destroy its performance. Now the choice is yours! 

Neglecting Routine Surveys 

Avoiding the weird machine noses is the biggest mistake to make. All the installed heavy machinery in your inventory needs regular inspection. 

From physical inspections like looking out for wear and tear symbols to inner part inspections, the irregularities of equipment need a solution at its earliest. 

Mechanical Collapse 

The hardest pill to swallow as an operator is the unannounced arrival of mechanical failures. Even if you are keeping a check on the machine, maybe today is just not your day to make the most out of your machinery. 

However, smart heavy equipment today comes with warning indicators to alert the operator if anything is going wrong with the system. 

Heat Conductivity Problems 

Excessive load and usage make heavy equipment more vulnerable to encountering thermal issues, leading to overheating.

Failure to take timely action may result in the engine seizing and catastrophically affecting its functionality in the long run. Thermal issues may cause irreparable damage to heavy equipment’s engine or other parts leading to complete part replacement. 

Therefore, preventive measures to save your machinery from heat conductivity issues are mandatory to avoid future financial losses. 

What To Do To Handle Equipment Breakdown Efficiently?

To preserve your used construction equipment from frequent breakdowns, take under consideration the following measures; 

Identifying The Root Cause 

Since machine operators have more time with the heavy equipment on-site, as their supervisor, you just pay attention to any problem if repotted. Accurate handling of problems and timely solutions will help you identify and resolve the root cause of machinery failure. 

The second step after identifying the root cause is to hire a technical expert so that your machine is in safer hands. 

Fixing The Problem 

Once you have identified the problem the next is to take some action to resolve it. Hiring a technician is wiser than considering yourself one. Since some machinery issues require replacements that only an expert can handle well. 

Verification Of Breakdown 

After making the amendment, ensure that all the interlinked parts are checked before jumping back and restarting the operations. Testing all the equipment’s components will increase the shelf life while improving the equipment’s performance.

However, if the operator still thinks the heavy equipment is showing signs of defects, rectify it accordingly. 

Minimization Of Future Failures 

Do you know the machine goes under the scissors that are in the repair operation, it is more likely to encounter another breakdown?  Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the proper conduction of the machinery repair regime. It will help you in minimizing future machine breakdowns. 

The Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the productivity rate of any construction business is dependent upon the efficacy of installed heavy equipment. Therefore, if you want to increase your annual ROI you have to take care of your equipment’s well-being. 

It is the need of the hour that constructors educate themselves regarding the problems and solutions to handle unpredictable equipment breakdowns. Don’t take issues like engine and hydraulic failures lightly.

With timely maintenance and a well-thought inventory management strategy, construction industries can reduce immense work roadblocks, project gaps, and abrupt expenses caused by equipment failure. 

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