One of the most significant advancements in the world of firearms accessories in recent years, CAA MCKs (Command Arms Accessories Micro Conversion Kits) are platforms that serve as a chassis that enable you to convert your handgun into a carbine-style platform.

They require no upgrades to the handgun and can substantially improve handling and accuracy well out past 100 yards. Here are some of the differences you can expect to encounter in the Gen 3 CAA MCK.

Advantages of Upgrading Your Handgun with a CAA MCK
Unlike some of the CAA MCK models of yesteryear, the new Gen 3 design offers a number of distinct attributes and benefits, including some of the following:

● This is the first generation MCK that can accept a handgun with a slide that has a micro red dot or RMR mounted on it.

● The new MCK has a built-in cleaning solution; it has bristles built into the design that clean the slide during use, all without damaging the finish of your firearm. It helps eliminate the issues associated with carbon fouling inside the MCK.

● In previous generations of CAA MCK platforms, the stabilizer/stock could only be folded to the right side. In the Gen 3 platform, it is ambidextrous and can be folded on either side of the platform.

● The Gen 3 stock has two height options; the lower adjustment is ideal for shooting over a red dot or RMR sight, and the higher one for shooting over iron sights or pop-up sights.

● There is a front adaptor in the design of the Gen 3 CAA MCK that helps protect the inside of the platform against carbon fouling accumulation. It can also be easily removed for cleaning.

● The new design of the Gen 3 CAA MCK incorporates two Picatinny rails across the top of the “receiver” that offer plenty of space for adding optics.

● The Gen 3 stabilizer incorporates a brush that can be used to clean the exterior of the platform. It also incorporates a place to hold the Gen 3 charging handle.

● The Gen 3 design also supports all of the benefits and advantages that were previously present in the Gen 2 CAA MCK; the design includes a spare mag holder, is suppressor ready, and can be fired even with the stabilizer/stock folded.

As has been the case with previous generations of CAA MCK platforms, the general design of the chassis as a carbine conversion for handguns offers a variety of different benefits:

● Improved handling and stability.

● The ability to improve accuracy at extended ranges, in some cases out past 100 yards.

● Enhanced expandability; the CAA MCK platform has plenty of mounting and attachment points, and is compatible with a variety of specific MCK accessories.

● The design of the MCK improves a shooter’s ability to control recoil and muzzle jump.

● The design does not require any modifications from the handgun and it is easy to upgrade models with which they are compatible.

● Compatibility with a range of popular handgun models, including but not limited to Glock handguns. Previous generations were also compatible with select Canik, CZ, Taurus, Sig Sauer, and S&W handguns, among others.

Where Can You Get a CAA MCK (and Accessories)?
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