A Guide to Understanding Solar Panel Warranty and Support

Solar Panel Warranty

Considering Solar Panel Selling Service in Portland, ME? It’s a fantastic decision! Solar energy offers significant benefits like reduced electricity bills, environmental responsibility, and increased home value. But with any investment, understanding warranties and support is important. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate solar panel warranties and ensure you receive the best possible support in Westbrook, ME.

What to Look for in a Solar Panel Warranty?

You can rest easy knowing that a strong guarantee safeguards your solar investment and potential savings. For the duration of the guarantee, you may be confident that your electricity bills will be reduced because defective panels are replaced at no cost to you. Comparing solar panel warranties, however, requires careful consideration of a number of crucial factors.

1) There Are Various Solar Warranty Types

As was already mentioned, there is no warranty on solar panels. A product warranty covers manufacturing flaws, and a power warranty covers the production of electricity. Other system parts, such as the solar inverter, come with individual warranties that are often shorter than the solar panel guarantee.

2) The Solar Panel Warranty’s Transferability

Long warranties are available on photovoltaic modules and other solar system components, and you may choose to sell your house during this time. The future owner should be able to inherit your warranty. Potential purchasers will find your home more appealing because of the warranty-backed solar panel system you are providing.

3) Does the Product Warranty for Solar Panels Cover Labor?

Solar panels that fail due to faults in material and workmanship will typically be replaced under the product warranty. However, the labor expenses associated with the replacement might not be reimbursed. Additionally, warranties that pay labor up to a certain amount may exist.

Recall that the top solar panel installation firms provide warranties for their workmanship. When finalizing the purchase, make sure you ask about labor charges that the manufacturer does not cover; they will often cover them.

4) Limitations and Exclusions from the Warranty
Manufacturer warranties for solar panels will protect you from a variety of potential problems, but bear in mind that they may not cover everything. For instance, a lot of solar panel warranties exclude coverage for fire from outside sources and severe weather. To safeguard your solar panels from risks not covered by their warranty, search for homeowner’s insurance in this situation.
Before selecting the brands of your solar equipment, carefully examine the warranty paperwork since each manufacturer has different limitations.


Benefits of Understanding Solar Panel Warranty and Support

A comprehensive understanding of Solar Panel Warranty and Support in Westbrook, ME know the benefits below:

  • Comfort: Knowing that your panels are protected in the event of breakdowns or performance problems gives you comfort and safeguards your investment.
  • Making Informed Decisions: When selecting a brand and installation for solar panels, warranty information can have an impact on your selection.
  • Optimized System Performance: You may keep an eye on the effectiveness of your system and guarantee maximum output by being aware of performance warranties.
  • Lower Repair prices: If problems develop while the warranty is in effect, warranties can drastically lower repair prices.

Key Components of a Solar Panel Warranty

Solar panel warranties typically encompass two main aspects: product warranty and performance warranty.

  • Product Warranty: This warranty addresses flaws in the solar panels’ own construction or materials. Generally speaking, the longevity varies between 10 and 25 years, contingent upon the manufacturer. The warranty guarantees a free replacement panel in the event of a fault.
  • Performance Warranty: This warranty ensures that your solar panels will eventually produce a minimum amount of power. The majority of manufacturers provide a 25-year performance warranty, guaranteeing that at the end of the warranty period, the panels will continue to produce a predetermined percentage (typically between 80 and 85 percent of their initial output).

Why Solar Panel Selling?

  • Market on the Rise: Solar energy is booming, driven by environmental concerns and cost effectiveness. Position yourself at the forefront of a sustainable future.
  • Lucrative Commissions: Solar sales reps can earn attractive commissions on successful installations.
  • Fulfilling Career: Be part of the solution for a cleaner planet while helping homeowners save money.


In this post, you will learn about the benefits and usage of Solar Panel Selling Services in Portland, ME, and Solar Panel Warranty and Support in Westbrook, ME. As an expert, I recommend Value Solar Power for better solar panel installation.

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