5 Advanced Sales Skills to Set Yourself Apart

Good salespeople get the basics right. Exceptional salespeople go beyond the usual, mastering skills that make them the go-to expert their prospects can’t wait to work with.  Here’s a breakdown of these advanced skills and how to nail them:

  1. The Power of Helpful (Not ‘Buddy-Buddy’)

Prospects are not your friends (sorry!). While being professional doesn’t mean being rude, it also means not agreeing with everything or letting them dictate the sale. Top sellers walk the line between helpful and pushy by acting as consultants.

  • Technique: Master the Consultative Approach It’s about asking smart questions, responding to objections thoughtfully, and always focusing on the prospect’s specific pain points. You guide them to understand the value you bring, rather than just agreeing with their existing needs.

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  1. Value, Not Features

Nobody cares about your product’s bells and whistles until they understand why it matters to them.  Exceptional sellers ditch generic pitches and tailor offers to the specific pain points a prospect faces.

  • Technique: Deep-Dive Research Study the company, its industry, its leadership – everything you can find. Don’t just tell them “we make registration easier”, show them the very real impact that has on their bottom line.

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  1. Uncover the Hidden Pain Points

Good salespeople address what the prospect already knows is a problem.  Great salespeople unearth issues the prospect hasn’t even considered yet. This builds massive trust and shows you truly ‘get’ their business.

  • Technique: Consultative Selling (Strike Again!) A genuine, conversation-led approach puts prospects at ease, encouraging them to share concerns you can then link to solutions they hadn’t yet considered.

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  1. Talk Their Industry Language

Trust comes from specificity. Show deep knowledge of your prospect’s industry trends and challenges. Position yourself as the expert who understands where they hurt AND how to fix it.

  • Technique: Share Relevant Content Don’t just bombard them with info, but subtly use timely articles to support points mentioned in sales conversations. It reinforces your knowledge without feeling pushy.

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  1. Be the Thoughtful Contrarian

Good salespeople agree. Great salespeople challenge.  They find the gaps in a prospect’s thinking – did they miss a savings opportunity, or is there a better way to use their existing tech?

  • Technique: Research + Active Listening Dig deep into their current performance, solutions, and market. Then actively listen for small ‘tells’ that pinpoint weaknesses their current methods might have overlooked.

The Bottom Line

Sales excellence isn’t about doing the same things better, it’s about mastery of less common skills. It takes effort, but that’s precisely what sets you apart.

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